Our method of tutoring has helped over many children during the last 15 years perform better at school. At the core of our success is our own learning management tool, the Expert Tutors Action Plan, that enables parents to keep up to date with their child’s progress and communicate with us and their child’s tutor.

Scholarship Tests

Our lessons are split into bite-size chunks to enable the child to move forward in small increments. With this method of teaching, a child sees results quickly, thus building confidence and creating enthusiasm to move forward. The lessons aim to eliminate possible weak areas while enhancing natural talent, creating enthusiasm for learning and building children’s confidence.
Each child works to his or her own set schedule and is therefore not competing with others. Children can also bring problems, which they may be having with their school work or with set homework, to their class, thus providing them with immediate solutions. This helps to improve confidence in their school life in addition to aiding them with set work.